Expanding and Up-leveling the Conversation


Networking innovator Cisco Systems was in a technology-only sales mode that offered minimal CxO level exposure. Cisco’s rapidly expanding portfolio of product offerings needed differentiation based on the merits of applications support and reliability metrics, in addition to the technology strengths, in order to resonate with the network equipment buyers.


Create valuable selling propositions for CxO customer prospects and channel partners, and deliver those messages and tools through Cisco external communications vehicles including, Packet Magazine and new executive presentations developed specifically to align messaging content and product consistency.


— Market content and positioning for more than 20 M&A transactions including $1+ billion StrataCom transaction, marketing content and business unit market outreach coordination.

— Manage and define content and direction for publications team content (3x) to include security marketspace coverage. Packet became self-funding ad sponsored, channel focused.

— Extensive executive speech development, training and market awareness efforts on key technologies.

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APS utilized external communication channels like Cisco's Packet Magazine to expand and up-level the conversation.