Sales Tool Development


Publicly-held network switching leader Foundry Networks needed sales program selling tools and evangelism to ensure the company maintained its slot as a top-tier network switch provider.


Create the company's first electronic selling guide complete with a series of 10 new global customer video case studies. Build Foundry’s first ongoing lead generation pipeline including customer and prospect database leveraged for direct mail and ongoing customer sales.


— Created first integrated worldwide corporate marketing/product solution team with more than $12 million annual program expenditures.

— Regional evangelism with worldwide sales personnel building regional leadership awareness in VoIP Layer 2/3 and 4/7 switching, Security and tech leadership.

— Launch leadership, including market positioning, industry and channel education, on 10 Gigabit Ethernet product suite for enterprises and service providers including RFC 1396 - sFlow.

— APS acted as the primary launch and analyst/press inquiry spokesperson andpresenter at industry events.

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Foundry was acquired by Brocade Communications Systems in 2008 for approximately $3B.